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Elevate your vehicle to a pristine state of perfection with our meticulous care and protection.

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Our Squeaky Clean Detail service transforms your vehicle inside and out, ensuring every detail is flawlessly maintained.

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Experience the ultimate in refinement. Our meticulous and comprehensive process ensures not a speck of dust is left behind.

Squeaky Clean Detail


The Squeaky Clean Detail elevates your vehicle to a pristine state of perfection with our meticulous care and protection.

Restore and Protect

Rediscover the true beauty of your vehicle while fortifying it against the elements with our comprehensive care.

Ceramic / Graphene Coating

Our Ceramic/Graphene Coating service elevates your vehicle’s protection to unparalleled heights with our customisable solutions.

Tailored Coating Excellence

Our application process for ceramic or graphene coating is a collaborative endeavour. Prior to application, we consult with you to determine the ideal coating product.

The Art of Refinement

External allure begins with a comprehensive paint decontamination process, employing specialized tar and iron removers. A meticulous clay mitt/bar treatment follows, ensuring every surface is flawlessly smooth.

Customized Protection

Experience protection tailored to your vehicle’s individual requirements.

Meticulous Enhancement

Our meticulous process spans both the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

Precision and Brilliance

Before the artistry of machine polishing, we meticulously gauge the paint depth.

Exterior Glory

For a truly flawless finish, consider our optional paint correction services.

The Restore and Protect service. Rediscover the true beauty of your vehicle while fortifying it against the elements with our comprehensive care.

Service: Restore and Protect
Starting at: $300 for Stage 1 Machine Polish 
Duration: 3-6 hours

Reviving Exterior Glory: 

  • A Squeaky Clean Detail before …
  • Thorough Paint Decontamination using Tar and Iron Remover 
  • Clay Mitt/Bar Treatment 
  • Depth Check of Paint and Clear Coat using a Paint Gauge prior to Polishing 
  • Skillful Machine Polish to Eradicate Minor Swirls and Scratches 
  • Application of Choice: Wax or SiO2 Protection

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Scheduling an appointment is easy. You can either give us a call directly or use the online appointment booking form on our website. We will work with you to find a convenient time that fits your schedule.

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What our Customers Say

Benjamin Davies
Benjamin Davies
Mike was courteous, punctual, professional and did a fantastic job detailing our car, which was no easy task given how much sand and dog hair he had to deal with. Thanks again Mike!
Darren Strong
Darren Strong
Mike Hollobon's detailing of my BMW X5 was nothing short of remarkable. He transformed my car, inside and out, to a condition that felt brand new. Mike's meticulous attention to detail, use of top-quality products, and dedication to excellence left me thoroughly impressed. What sets him apart is the convenience of having him come to you to do the work. Moreover, his personal enthusiasm and extensive knowledge about cars added an extra layer of trust and assurance. If you want your car to shine like new without any hassle and enjoy the expertise of a true car enthusiast, Mike Hollobon is the go-to detailer. I couldn't be happier with the results!
paul gray
paul gray
The best my car has looked since driving it off the showroom floor 4.5 years ago. Professional, efficient and high attention to detail.
andrew butterworth
andrew butterworth
Amazing attention to detail, our Lexus was stolen and returned to us 5 months later, covered in finger print dust and was absolutely filthy. MPH have made the car look, smell and feel brand new again - thank you so much and definitely recommend and we will use MPH to detail all our cars in future
Stephen Walton
Stephen Walton
Attention to detail and a fine result. MPH went above and beyond standard levels of care to produce sparkling exterior and pet hair free interior. The professional with the magic sponge and the soapy suds made us realise what we have been missing. The car feels like it has a new lease of life and we now enjoy our family excursions more than ever. Highly recommended for all your fleet and family hygiene requirements.
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor
Mikes attention to detail is next level. I got a full clean on my car and wow, I have never seen it so clean. I live near the beach and how he got the sand out of my car is still a stroke of genius. Not only did my car look amazing inside out but it still looks clean months later. I had to apologise for my car at the start as I have 3 very messy boys. I didn’t want to let them back in after the clean. I highly recommend this service and I will be booking him in again when I need a detail.
James Elkington
James Elkington
Wow. Mike is a magician. It’s like having a brand new car. He puts the serial into detailing. I’ve found my man. Thanks mate!
Zak Mann
Zak Mann
Mike did an amazing job , he knows his cars , cleaning products and how to make a car feel brand new again. Highly recommended top bloke too.
Dominic Parkinson
Dominic Parkinson
Punctual and excellent value for money. Good honest advice highly recommend