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Photo of a black sedan parked in front of a mansion

You’re old school and want a proper Porsche. Should you?

So Great Aunt Mildred has left you some cash and rather than do the proper thing and save it, or put it towards a mortgage, or buy the wife that massive rock she always wanted, you have chosen to blow the lot on a Porsche. But not just any Porsche, you have chosen to go back to its air cool days and to those magic numbers, 993. 
Photo of a clean shiny silver Mercedes sedan

Should you buy a Mercedes Benz 500 SL R129?

Under the bonnet you get a fuel injected, double overhead cam, 32 valve, 5 litre V8 that produces 320 bhp / 240 kW, and 450 Nm of torque. When new, it could drive all day at the limiter, 155 mph (250 km/h). It hit 100 km/h in around 6 seconds and 160 in under 15. Not bad for a car that weighs a fat man short of 2 tonnes.
Photo of a red shinny car on a garrage

Alfa Romeo GT, hmmmm, mmmm

I say hmmm because it's the first thing that comes to mind. “It’s an Alfa," for those un-initiated in the Alfisti, is synonymous with it’s a piece of shit, let’s face it. Not to look at mind, but with respect to reliability.