The Buyers Package

The Buyer's Package

From researching the market to negotiating the right price, and ultimately detailing the car so that it truly feels like yours from only $699

Market Research

We guide you through the whole process. We’ll research the market to find the right car, we provide a cheat sheet to check for problems when test driving the vehicle. We also provide strategies when it comes to negotiation

Effective and informative market research and copywriting services

Car History Reports & Purchase Inspection

We utilise online tools such as Car Vertical or that provide vital information on the car’s background; whether it’s been in an accident, had its odometer rolled back or if any finance is outstanding. For the cost of the service, we will also organise a pre-purchase inspection via the provider of your choice. 

Finally, the bit we’ve been waiting for. We make your new used car feel like your own with a meticulous detail inside and out. If necessary opt for the Protect and Restore package, so that its paintwork gleams and is as clean as the car’s title


Currently we cover the Greater Sydney area. 

As NRMA members, we recommend Red Book Inspect and pass on the discount to our customers. The fee is at cost with no hidden surcharges. Or you can opt to use your own provider. 

No, the first vehicle report is part of the package. It helps to reduce the risk of buying a car with hidden flaws and provides peace of mind. For multiple checks, each additional report is only $40

Only a deposit of $200 is initially payable. This covers our Research costs. The remainder is payable only when you secure the car you want. 

Sellers, whether dealers or private, want to reduce their outlay as much as possible. So a used car may look clean at first glance, but it’s normally only cursory. We will detail the car so that it truly feels like yours and not its previous owner. However, there are always exceptions, in which case the service costs only $499

The Cheat Sheet highlights in laymen’s terms what to look out for, such as reported common problems, and costs for on-going maintenance. However, we leave the more mechanical pre-purchase inspection to the experts.

How Not To Buy A Car - A Case Study

Buying sight unseen is probably not the best thing to do when procuring a second hand car. Or any car for that matter. Worse still is buying a used car in full sight and not test driving it. Or asking whether the car had a full service history. Or forgetting to check the price before you negotiate. Unbelievable right? Click on the title for the full story

Take The Hassle Out Of Buying A Used Car

Let us do the leg work and guide you through the process with common sense advice and support