How Not To Buy A Car

What not to do when buying a car.

Ever wondered how to buy a used car? Well, try not to do what a friend did and follow some basic rules of engagement. Or get us to help.

You only buy a Cayman because you can’t afford a 911. Really?

Photo of a panning shot witha side mirror reflecting the road behind

Buying a car, sight unseen, is not recommended but when so few options are available, even less if you want a manual, then I guess you need to move quickly. Nonetheless, in red and beautifully prepared by the dealership, my friend’s new car looked spectacular. 

Living with a legend. The M5 E39

Image of a black sedan in side view parked in front of a bush

The BMW M5 E39 was and still is considered one of the best super-sedans ever made. It was the first to be designed to be a daily driver, yet could, at the time, destroy almost anything else on the road. But what is it like to own one now, and is it worth it? After James let me have a go in his, I can honestly say, YES. Yes it is.

You’re old school and want a proper Porsche. Should you?

Photo of a black sedan parked in front of a mansion

So Great Aunt Mildred has left you some cash and rather than do the proper thing and save it, or put it towards a mortgage, or buy the wife that massive rock she always wanted, you have chosen to blow the lot on a Porsche. But not just any Porsche, you have chosen to go back to its air cool days and to those magic numbers, 993. 

Should you buy a Mercedes Benz 500 SL R129?

Photo of a clean shiny silver Mercedes sedan

Under the bonnet you get a fuel injected, double overhead cam, 32 valve, 5 litre V8 that produces 320 bhp / 240 kW, and 450 Nm of torque. When new, it could drive all day at the limiter, 155 mph (250 km/h). It hit 100 km/h in around 6 seconds and 160 in under 15. Not bad for a car that weighs a fat man short of 2 tonnes.

Alfa Romeo GT, hmmmm, mmmm

Photo of a red shinny car on a garrage

I say hmmm because it’s the first thing that comes to mind. “It’s an Alfa,” for those un-initiated in the Alfisti, is synonymous with it’s a piece of shit, let’s face it. Not to look at mind, but with respect to reliability.

Should you buy a BMW 635 CSI?

Photo of a classic sedan car on the road on a green grass

As far as I was concerned, Bruce Willis could never top being David Addison. As a 16 year old, I didn’t know that receding hairlines and patterned jumpers could be so cool. I tried to emulate him, but it became obvious that such a look only suited someone 25 years my senior and what self respecting teenage girl looks twice at a boy sporting a wooly crew neck sweater?