The Seller's Package

The Sellers Package includes:

A Squeaky Clean Detail

A gallery of well crafted photos

Comprehensive Research & Copywriting Services

From only $699

A Squeaky Clean Detail

Ensuring your pride and joy looks and smells great so a buyer can envision themselves in the driver’s seat of your car, not the competitions. We’ll advise you whether paint restoration is necessary

Crafted Photos or Review Video

Placing well crafted photos on the right platforms help your car stand out from the crowd. Or choose to shoot a review video using YouTube so the whole world can bask in its glory

Market Research & Copywriting

We’ll discover what the market will pay, who your competitors are, and point out areas that may need some attention, we’re looking at you kerb rash. We’ll then write an effective advert to save time for you and your buyer 

Effective and informative market research and copywriting services

Case Study

Not everyone loves cars as much as we do, but Darren knew the buyer of his vehicle probably would. Choosing the Restore & Protect package brought his X5 back to almost showroom condition. 

All it needed was a stunning backdrop to accentuate its curves. Cue Sydney Harbour and an hour’s photo shoot. Before heading back to construct a well written and informative advertisement. 

Armed with our comprehensive and timely research, Darren was confident his asking price was fair. And that any buyer would revel in his car’s condition. 

Ultimately he accepted an offer far in excess of what the dealer proposed and is now on the hunt for his next ride. 

The Seller's Package Photo shoot
The Seller's Package including Restore & Protect
Sellers package

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Sellers Package include a full detail?

Every client who chooses the Seller’s Package gets a Squeaky Clean detail. If a machine polish is deemed necessary, we’ll advise whether it’s in your interests to purchase the Restore & Protect package

We will take as many photos as possible and share them with you. Our aim is show a prospective buyer as much of the car as we can. 

Stand out from the crowd and consider a video review of your car,. We point out its options and overall condition, share technical information and take it for a drive. Using the YouTube platform, we share the links to add to the advert copy so that a buyer can truly immerse themselves in your car.

Unfortunately not. The used car market is a fickle beast, but by ensuring the basics are covered and the buyer feels informed we can help you sell your car quicker and at the right price. 

We’ll search the market for similar vehicles; in age, condition and kms driven. We’ll check what dealers would offer and what private sellers are looking for and marry that to your circumstances. At times, it may be in your best interests to wait, or even use an auction house.

Maximise Your Return

Let us walk you through the sales process, ensuring your car stands out for all the right reasons